XLON Chain is the new CryptoCurrency of Greek fintech startup Excelon and the anticipation is already here

Excelon Financial Services announced the XLON Chain, expanding and strengthening its digital payment platform and the promotion of blockchain technology in the financial services ecosystem. XLON Chain is based on the Ethereum Blockchain with some major additions that significantly improve scaling, speed, cost, environmental friendliness and governance. At the same time, the XLON Blockchain Network will differentiate itself from most blockchains today by offering regulatory compliance, paving the way for the forthcoming adoption of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

XLON Chain which will be part and controled by XLON Foundation whose board of directors will consist of members with proven many years of experience in the financial, technological, legal and academic fields. President of Excelon Financial Services George Koronias said: “We are excited to announce today the XLON Chain, which expands the Excelon ecosystem with XLON Coin as its base currency, while promoting the use of Blockchain technology in decentralized – compatible regulations – payment season. “The regulatory framework for digital currencies is already evolving and Central Banks are embracing CBDCs as the next nature of monetary instruments.”

Some of the blockchain’s unique features may not be new in the cryptocurrency space but they form a solid foundation for XLON Chain to thrive, with PoA Consensus being one of the bringing complete security and trust, while minimizing computing power and electricity consumption needs, bringing us to the second upside of Carbon Neutral cryptocurrency environment. The XLON Foundation will invest in carbon credits and offsets, as part of their ongoing commitment to zero carbon policy.

Furthermore, PoS Blockj Rewards will also be one of its main features which in turn will provide XLON Coins to validators to approve blocks depending of the coins that have been committed. XLON Chain will also provide Smart Contracts to also execute decentralized apps (Dapps) enhancing the use of decentralized transactions as well as offering user friendly and secure, fast and cheap transactions avoiding excessive fees. The blockchain will be supporting all types of tokens such as ERC-20 for fungible tokens, ERC-223, ERC-721, ERC-809 to rent NFTs and ERC-1238.

The company’s vision for the adoption of digital currencies, dynamic and transparent governance is a key feature that will be at the heart of the XLON Chain for the implementation of cryptocurrency policies.

Source: Startupper ” H Excelon βγάζει το δικό της κρυπτονόμισμα με μοναδικά χαρακτηριστικά” [Excelon launches its own cryptocurrency with unique features]

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