Why activating your project is the better Option

By choosing to upgrade your account to a premium user you can gain a whole new list of features at your disposal to make your fundraising journey much more enjoyable and easy to navigate with.

As an investor in our platform, you are immediately granted free access to platform analytics and the Project Bank tool where you can search within our database of active and public projects to find the right opportunities to invest.

If you choose a Service Provider account, to gain access to these unique tools and platform features you will have to provide a fee of €249 per 6 months. A subscription fee which will not go to waste.

As a Service Provider premium user you are entitled to gain access to the investors list. A whole list of more than 12,000 investors to choose to communicate with that meets your projects needs and share your pitchdeck idea with them to secure funding. While in this list you can also facilitate your browsing by keeping notes for its investor profile you are more interested in or for future use as you can see below.

Being a Premium user also gives you access to the Project Bank tab. The Project Bank tab is a tool for searching projects from startups or entrepreneurs. Each project is described in the project profile page where you can find the project’s information and respective Data Room.

Each week 5 unique and new projects are selected to be our featured project list, a list where the said projects are viewed by everyone with access to Project Bank.

Another cool way to stay ahead of the curve is your project’s matches and analytics. By going premium you will also gain the full statistics of your project’s matches with potential investors and its analytics.

“Matches” is the indicator of how many investors match to your project’s chosen sectors, from matching to high compatibility and to complete comatibility investors. The higher the “complete compatibility investors” the more probable will your project be to get the required funding.

Analytics can show you the number of total users that have seen your profile and project as well as the average time spent your profile. An indicator of how interesting your project is to investors and even the rest of entrepreneurs in the platform.

Premium Users will also have the function of downloading their pitchdeck once it is completed, uploaded and tier 1 validated. You can learn more about project validation here.

That said you will also be able to share it to your social media and get even more attention.

Each time we find a promising team with a solid business plan matching your selection criteria, we will share it with you immediately together with all respective information.

If you feel there is any unanswered questions regarding the usability of our platform, please feel free to contact us at info@in4capital.com