USound raises $30 million to offer an even better sound experience

Austrian audio electronics startup USound, specializing in the development and production of micro-electronic loudspeakers that can also be wearable, has today raised $30 million in a new funding round led by eQventure. European Investment Bank as well as individual investors Hermann Hauser and Yang Longzhong also took part in the round. The funding is to be used for the mass production and distribution of its newly announced second-generation technologies. The company has raised €68.7 million since its inception.

Founded in 2014, Usound is a fast growing audio start-up, founded with the mission of developing and producing the most advanced audio systems for mobile applications based on MEMS technology. The technological platform developed by USound is enabling the production of a revolutionary generation of MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical Systems) micro speakers that will be deployed in the world’s top mobile applications. The electrodynamic speaker is based around the simple concept of electromagnetism, a process that involves the interaction between a charged wire coil and magnet.

MEMS-based speaker systems require 50% less space and use 80% less energy than their counterparts, are capable of producing a greater frequency range than electrodynamic speakers, and can control overdrive with much greater accuracy, all resulting in a superior audio experience. All that thanks to the advancement in semiconductors and material selection such as lead zirconate titanate that extend or shrink when an electrical field is passed through them.

USound CEO Ferrucio Bottoni explained: “With the steady growth of customers, USound is further extending the manufacturing network that already includes STMicroelectronics for the First Generation of MEMS loudspeaker and TSMC (Taiwan) for the ASIC Audio Amplifier. Collaborating with world-leading manufacturing companies enable us to increase production volume, be more efficient, and improve the logistics process to reach our global customers,”

Source: USound “USound raises $30M to Ramp Product Manufacturing for Global Brands”

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