The game for space exploration is on and The Exploration Company has just landed €5.3 million to have a piece of the pie

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Space exploration newly founded startup The Exploration Company focusing on developing, producing, and operating a modular and reusable orbital vehicle they’ve dubbed Nyx. , has just raised 5.3 million in a seed round. The funding round was led by Promus Ventures, with co-investors Vsquared Ventures and Cherry Ventures. The funding will be used to grow the team, perform tests and demonstrations, and pass major tech reviews.

Founded in June 2021 by a team of former and experienced Airbus and ArianeGroup employees and is Headquartered in Munich with offices in France as well. Nyx is not only modular and reusable vehicle but can be eventually refueled while in orbit. Their vehicle provides a wide scope of missions ranging from 3-6 months around the Earth to landing on the Moon and coming back, or hopping 50-100km point-to-point on the Moon. Nyx can also resupply space stations and large space infrastructures.

The vehicles have open interfaces and are designed to be affordable and accessible. They will begin by carrying cargo, with the capability to transport humans in the pipeline for the future. The Exploration Company aims at providing in-space experiments for 10% of the price of the International Space Station, flying to the Moon for a fraction of the current competition cost meanwhile enabling new space players to participate in the space exploration race.

Today, this space exploration race is the privilege of the happy few because it remains expensive, non-available and limited to space specialists. We want to contribute to open this new frontier to as many players as possible, including non-space industries which will play a key enabling role in this new space world economy. We believe that Europe, with its values of unity in diversity and its recognized aerospace engineering competencies, is the best place to start our mission” explained CEO and Co-founder Hélène Huby

Filip Dames of Cherry Ventures said: While the International Space Station has played an important role in fostering astronomical research and engineering for the past few decades, new platforms are needed. The Exploration Company is set to be a key European and global player here as the capsules they develop will become a crucial part in the value chain of commercializing space. We’re proud to back Helene and her team, which is uniquely positioned, bringing together experience from Airbus and ArianeGroup, to harness space for technological evolution.”

Source: “To the moon and back with The Exploration Company as it raises 5.3 million”

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