PlusHealth is raising €50,000, to be one step closer at preventing critical health disorders

Portugal-based healthcare startup PlusHealth is raising €50,000 in funding to transform and transport the healthcare industry aiming for a better and faster diagnose and transportation.

With health being one of the main concern of mankind, the information provided, should be available on line and the contact between the patient and the doctor must be in real time. PlusHealth is an application which provides the connection with all the specialties, such as the , psychologist, the psychiatrist, neurology, couple therapy, among others would be the perfect tool to avoid delays and wrong diagnosis.

The key idea is to minimize the gap that often happens between hospitals and patients. The platform is offering a monthly free acess to facilitate healthcare provider’s job. By submitting the patient’s full history PlusHealth is making both the doctor’s and the patient’s life easier.

Innovative concept, business accessible anywhere in the world. The company is aiming to cooperate with transportation services delivering medicines to the patient by hand, at the earliest possible time as efficiently as possible.