OGHMA is raising €400,000 in funding to make data sharing and E-mail protection more safer than ever

Information sharing is currently not sufficiently protected which leads to data and identity theft, extortion etc. Users who want to protect information they are sharing are using tools which are difficult to use and mostly do not provide adequate level of protection. OGHMA is here to solve this problem with the help of an extra €400,000 in funding to fuel their data protection vision.

OGHMA stores information in protected environment (MS Azure or customer´s server) so protected information needn’t travel everywhere. Only a general notification is sent to the recipient who is then asked to authenticate the email address. On the recipient side there is no need to install any software or to register to be able to read the message.

In the first stages of the project, OGHMA is focusing on Healthcare industry but their system can be used also in any other field. Customer can choose different variants of installation (cloud MS Azure/customer’s servers) as well as different subscription models which can range from €20-40/year.

Their future plan is to attract more customers/distributors. OGHMA will also be using this funding to grow their team and expand in more European countries, as well as a potential cooperation with Microsoft and Avast with the condition of increasing their overall active users.