London-based Quantimetrica is raising €1.3 million for its voice recognition and activation devices

Quantimetrica specializes in voice recognition software and hardware which enables voice control of a variety of devices such as toys, wearables, cameras, and home or office automation products – all at low cost and without requiring an Internet connection, is requiring €1.3 million to fund their effort of a better earned future.

Applications cover surveillance, cyber-security and hands-free operation of security alarms or other equipment (e.g. emergency requests for help by immobilised crew). New applications emerge regularly, as the markets become aware of the benefits unique of such powerful features, simplicity of use, wide applicability, and ease of integration.

To control any device through voice with maximum efficiency. Having Amazon Alexa functionality in all your appliances, i.e. operate the blinds, lights or even the hotel key via voice. Additionally via Quantimetrica’s cloud platform, data on the performance of our solution and the controlled devices are collected, enabling iterative improvements in future versions.

Founded by Yiannis Doumenis with over 20 years experience in asset management and fintech and Demos Doumenis an electrical engineer with more than 24 yeats of managing and develoging DSP algoriths, their company has developed low footprint voice control solutions that can easily be integrated into existing devices to offer more possibilities of seamless voice operation in various environments.

Their easily updatable firmware enables improvements on the user experience without additional capital costs. In addition their voice recognition software and QM1 hardware are low cost and power, work with any language and do not require an Internet connection (thus provide a hedge from cyber attacks too).

Hotels, elderly care homes, disabled and eventually residential homes. Quantimetrica aims to assist elders/disabled using voice controls (e.g. controlling appliances, voice wheelchair controls etc) and capture 5% of the global market leading to profits in excess of $300m.