How to use In4Capital’s PITCHSEND service

Pitchsend is a tool inside In4Capital platform enabling the users to track their pitch communication with matching investors.

The user can purchase the service by visiting her/his account settings and upgrading to Pitchsend Tracker & Pitch Validation under the section Startup-Entrepreneur Plans.

Once the transaction is complete, our team will start validating the user’s pitch deck and get back to her/him with feedback. The validation process may take up to three working days. When the pitchdeck is ready to be presented to investors, the service is enabled and the user gets notified by email.

Following is a step by step guide on using the Pitchsend service:

At your project’s page, click on the Pitchsend tab.

However you will need to have your plan upgraded. After upgrading your plan, on the next screen you are presented with your project’s matching investors. Here you have a list of choices you may have in order to facilitate your experience. You can click on the Investor’s Name to open their profile where more information about the investor can be retrieved, or keep some notes by clicking the View Investor.

The contact button automatically sends your pitchdeck and your uploaded files to the selected investor.

Once the respective email has been sent, you will get notifications on your profile with the investors that have seen your email, investors that have seen it and are not interested as well as investors that have seen it and are interested to learn more.

If an investor is interested, we will send you his contact information and you can either research him on the internet and send him an email (from your company/personal mail) to introduce yourself and your team or you can assign the communication to us by upgrading to our PRO service. We suggest to send at most five emails every few days in order for it to be easier to keep track of the investors through your notifications. Furthermore, to avoid your contacts being “burned” all at once since you have the chance to enhance the shared pitchdeck and respective documents.

For more questions regarding our services feel free to contact us at

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For each account up to 10 emails may be sent on a daily basis.

We have the right to exclude e-mails for quality assurance purposes.

An email may probably not be sent successfully for one of the following reasons:

  • The investor is not available anymore.
  • The investor has quit the platform.
  • The attached files are too large to be sent via email.

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