Greek Vegan startup raises €400,000 led by Erietta Kourkoulos Latsis

The world’s first plant-based and carbon negative (CO2 negative) ice cream is a fact, it is of Greek creation and secured funding from – among others – Erietta Kourkoulos Latsis.

Plan(e)t Foods started just 20 months ago and is the 1st Greek Plant based Ice Cream company. In this short period of time, it has made an impressive entry into the Greek ice cream market with a presence in 400+ points of sale in all major supermarket chains (Sklavenitis, AB, MyMarket, Kritikos) but also through Pop Market, Wolt Market and E-fresh.

As the company’s 34-year-old founder, Grigoris Bograkos, who has been a vegan himself for the last 6 years, says, “after hundreds of tests we managed to create a plant-based ice cream based on Greek oat drink, which is identical in texture, taste and experience to the classic ice cream with animal milk and is, we believe, the successor of the classic ice cream, while apart from the absence of lactose in a natural way, it is also lighter and lower in fat”.

There are 6 flavors available on the Greek market, including Triple Chocolate Brownie, Double Pistachio, Peanut butter & Caramel, in a 410ml paper package made from sugar cane. The name of plan(e)t ice creams comes from the combination of the words plant based, since they are vegan ice creams, and planet friendly, since it is a truly ecological ice cream with a negative carbon footprint.

“As an animal-free ice cream company, we start from an ecological starting point with very low carbon dioxide emissions, from there we calculate our direct and indirect emissions and we offset them by 110% by financing green actions to remove CO2 from the atmosphere through a platform in America”, says Mr. Bograkos.

The company recently opened its 1st Ice Cream Parlor in the center of Athens (Ermou 86, Monastiraki), which is a new sales channel for the company, more than doubling the available ice cream flavors (with new flavors such as Holy Bueno, Passion fruit Cheesecake and Coconut & Chocolate 0% sugar) and launching the most innovative and waste free way of serving, since not only the cups, but even the ice cream scoops are made from cookies, i.e. vegan and edible.

Recently the company raised its 1st round of funding, totaling €400,000, led by vegan and ethical investor Erietta Kourkoulos Latsis, and with the participation of Albertos Revach (Humble Holdings, AMBYX) and Dimitris Georgakopoulos (Zeno Capital). As Grigoris Bograkos states, “2022 finds us growing rapidly, quintupling our sales and preparing our next round of financing with which we will support our plans for a more ethical world without compromising on enjoyment.”