Greek startup Simpler is revolutionizing online shopping

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Greek e-commerce startup Simpler, making online shopping as simple as possible for consumers, is going to transform e-commerce making online shopping as simple as possible. In essence, the company gives the consumer a single “shopping passport”, so that every purchase can be made with one click, in seconds, from anywhere, without having to fill in long and time-consuming forms each time.

The company completed the first round of financing of €1 million in the summer of 2021, which was led by VF3 (the third fund of VentureFriends), with the participation of the English fund MMC Ventures, as well as angel investors in the field of fintech, e-commerce and technology. These funds are already being channeled to grow the team with the right foundations, incorporating top-notch people into what they do, to create a strong core that can take the company to the next stage, that of rapid expansion into European markets.

The service offered by Simpler is completely free for consumers. For traders using Simpler Checkout, only a small fee (1.3% + 20c) is charged for each successful transaction through Simpler, whether it comes from the merchant’s website or any other channel (via checkout links or QR codes) . This is the total cost to the merchant (ie includes the bank’s payment processing) and there are no extra installation fees or monthly charges. All payment providers are potential partners of Simpler. For example, using Simpler, the user can currently pay by card and later have the option to pay in installments, with cryptocurrencies or any other payment method they wish.

The company which has started from the Greek market in order to confirm that the product works and pays off and that both traders and consumers benefit from it, each from his own side. The company currently works with 35 traders in Greece and is growing rapidly month by month. In the near future they will be able to announce collaborations with some of the largest e-commerce brands in Greece.

“Starting from Greece definitely helped us to quickly confirm that we have a strong product and now we are confidently turning to the rest of Europe, which is also the company’s goal. We have already launched other collaborations in European markets such as the United Kingdom and the countries of Southern Europe”, says one of the co-founders Spyros Mandekis.

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