For Classmates is looking to close $32 million after the initial $1.9 million raised

For Classmates looking to change education fundamentally by printing math textbooks and workbooks written by the students themselves, and now we are currently working on an online solution that will use an individual approach, interactive videos and gamification, is hunting to close a total of €32 million in funding.

Marek Liška founder and CVO and Lukáš Král CEO and co-owner are leading the company from Czech Republic. With more than 11 million active users and close to 14 thousands currently involved teachers, their solution to transform education is way closer from happening with the already $1.9 million already raised.

Their platform offers an experienced core team with more than 7 years of experience in the field of education and a team motivated by a reward in the form of dividends. A special team is also created for each subject, consisting of authors, proofreaders, graphic designers and content testers, where the majority of the target group (students) is represented.

Creating a community of students, teachers and parents communicating and collaborating through our educational application. And last but not least, a special pricing policy (free version with ads or paid with extra features)

Right now for classmates is focusing in mathematics and chemistry offering more than 12 thousands solved examples. But their platform is really scalable with physics, biology and geography as well as supporting different languages some of them being english, spahish, german french and polish.

It’s quite hard to not believe in their project with more than 240 secondary schools already using the platform and the quite astonishing 180,000 sold copies, they are way ahead in the road to success.

“ We want education to be taken as something valued in our society. Our vision is based on three basic pillars – fun, meaningfulness and individuality. If we achieve an individual approach to education that makes sense and entertains a student, then we will be on the path to truly changing the world.”