Decentralized news platform Project DENN with a mission to eliminate fake news

Decentralization of news is a big if for most news channels, in turbulent times with wars in progress and governments that promise a lot but only offer propaganda. Project DENN offering a solution to the way we receive trustworthy news, with its decentralized platform where journalists and news agencies can find valid material for their work.

Their platform also enables citizen journalism, with the use of an app which binds metadata of the user’s (timestamp, geolocation) provided content rendering it as valid as your eyes can judge. With more than 140,000 journalists in UK and more than 500,000 in the rest of Europe with a market cap of €60B worldwide and €21B in Europe alone, imagine the impact this number would have for limited sources journalists on a greater scale for fake news.

“Trusting content that you find online is not safe as there are no guarantees that what you see is what you are told.”

Meanwhile the impact for growth of DENN with so many journalists in UK already eager to try it is even greater. While DENN is fundamentally censorship resistant, enabling citizen journalism, is also giving every citizen the motivation to spread unfiltered 100% truth.

The startup is requiring €750,000 for its seed round and their ultimate goal for another €1.5 million to start expanding. The app will have an average subscription for any journalist who wants to have a look at €10 per month and for the whole agency €1000 for one month.