Built HQ a blockchain technology platform of GOOGIE, is requiring a £500,000 in funding

Built HQ, a secure, effiecient and scalable blockchain platform, connecting businesses to investors in a secure environment equipped with automated processing and transaction technology. They provide modules for peer-to-peer lending, asset management, property management, fund creation, financial collaboration and Innovative Finance Individual Savings Account.

They are removing the endless data analysis and variables whilst focusing on a 360 degree holistic view to identifying the risk and appetite factors for users to make an informed choice. Smart investing via smart analytics. Understanding features both good and bad using all information available.

BUILT’s platform offers enterprise solutions with multipart transparency, inter-firm automation and digitised assets and identities, with the ability to be integrated into multiple industries. BUILT uses the blockchain smart contracts R3 Corda Enterprise, a platform that holds permissioned financial security protocols

With a pre-money valuation of close to £10.5 million which is the result of the weighted average of different methods. The company is currently in need of £550,000, funds which will of course not go to waste. Built HQ is planning to use the funding for its sales and marketing, operations and further developing their product and R&D.

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