Avokado, newly found energy startup to bring big changes with smart cities and smarter energy interaction, backed by Mytilineos Group

MYTILINEOS leads the way once again by presenting Avokado, a new and ambitious tech Startup, which is coming to revolutionize the energy market, leveraging the possibilities offered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). In particular, Avokado, which was introduced to the Greek and international public on Wednesday 21 June, seeks to change the way we use, produce and interact with energy.

The adoption of new technological solutions and especially Artificial Intelligence is a necessary condition for the implementation of the “green” energy transition. However, global supply is limited relative to the demand that exists. Avokado comes to fill this gap, with solutions tailored to the needs of the global smart energy market.

Powered by MYTILINEOS Energy & Metals, Avokado promises through new and exciting services to create an energy future worth living. By combining AI, data Intelligence and new technologies, such as Internet of Energy, Mobile, Social, Blockchain, it is reshaping the way we perceive energy supply and building “smart cities” for “smart citizens”.

Yiannis Kalafatas, Chief Executive Director of the Energy Branch of MYTILINEOS, which is Avokado’s Angel Investor, described the company’s vision and the need to create an in-house know-how, not only for Protergia’s needs but also for the entire energy market. “I feel vindicated for my insistence on investing in Avokado and proud of this first year of operation that has given us the unique Smart Cities platform, innovation labs and tools for the energy consumer of the future” said Mr. Kalafatas during the presentation.

In a rapidly changing energy environment, the goal for a large energy company such as MYTILINEOS is not only to keep up with developments, but to create them and produce services and products that are useful and sustainable for everyone.

Panagiotis Kanellopoulos, CEO and Co-Founder of Avokado sought to convey Avokado’s vision and purpose to the public. “A company with a startup spirit, working to revolutionize the way we produce and consume energy. With extroversion and dynamism, it already addresses the Greek and international market, offering solutions to corporate and industrial clients, municipalities and communities, and soon, with the evolution of the algorithms processed by Avokado’s people, to more and more citizens and businesses”.

Avokado is positioned in the global market with an integrated portfolio of IT solutions that satisfy the needs of Energy producers and consumers in terms of the maximum possible coverage of energy needs from clean energy sources and the reduction of the carbon footprint:

-AVOS™ IT operating system for home battery systems and larger energy storage systems (BESS).
-AVOX™ platform of integrated IT solutions for the green energy transition.
-AVOKADO AI™ “intelligent engine” of AI algorithms to meet the specialized needs of Energy companies, such as short-term price forecasting in the wholesale energy market.

At Avokado, the compass is the strong commitment to a sustainable future, which passes through the Energy sector. Its mission is to develop into the most reliable ally in view of the energy transition, in terms of sustainability and with respect for people and the environment, on a European and global level.

-With solutions that help energy providers to improve their energy business.
-With solutions that help cities accelerate the “green” energy transition.

Vassilis Nikolopoulos CTO and Co-Founder of Avokado explained the new prosumer model, the strategy for Artificial Intelligence as well as how value and new revenues are created for the stakeholders. “Prosumers are now becoming partners in the new decentralized energy market, and Avokado’s products and services maximize these new prosumer values. I am especially happy that Avokado is taking shape with a major investor in its composition. Our aim is to become one of the most important Greek technology companies, in the field of Cleantech and Climate tech, aiming at the global market”.