In4capital among the top innovative database startups in UK

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In4capital was selected by Startu Pill as one of the best innovative databases in UK. Their article showcases the top UK startups providing our world with innovation, growth and societal impact. We at In4capital will always try our best to keep improving and providing you the best we have to offer.

In4capital is a matchmaking platform aiming to find opportunities and close deals between startups investors and service providers. We provide startups with a list of compatible investors and communication tracking tools, aiming to aid them in their fundraising journey. Investors can access a pool of quality startups and with our recommendation system they can match with the most compatible ones. Service providers can manage companies and utilize advanced tools and analytics to close deals with other companies and investors. Using an AI based matching algorithm our platform offers a user-friendly deal-making experience both for startups, investors and service providers. Last but not least, companies can save a great deal of time by analyzing their profile statistics instead of spending time researching the web.

About Startupill: The Startup Pill is a friendly and international space where startup founders, investors and consultants can share resources, progress and tips. Startupill not only is an information sharing platform for anyone in the tech and business sector can post, but they also provide startups and investors with guidance over their excited ideas with a practiced and successful team of advisors.

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